I found this tag on Pink Graphics. I only scrapped two questions because I didn't like them. Actually I wanted to post it later but I devised that my last post was too short.

Are you hooked on buy books?
Hmm I think I don't. Maybe because I don't have much spare time. But there are defenlitely some books I still want to read!

When do you buy most of your books?
I think when I want to reward myself for a good action :)

How many books do you buy at a time?
Honestly I buy one a time. I like to read one book out (from a run) and then wait some montha before I buy the sequel. I like to use my fantasie.

Do you buy your books alone or are you going with somebody?
Alone. Defenlitely alone. When I'm in a book store I can stand there for hours. It's only that I can't ignore the creepy glares.

What kind of books do you prefer?
Fantasie are my favorite! I like supernatural stuff but stuff like The Hunger Games is also good enough.

PhotobucketHow much do you spend on books?
There are periods I buy a lot of books. For now I didn't buy any book since September. I still want Rapture, so I probably will buy it soon.

Have you ever ban yourself to buy books?

How long does it take before you start with reading a book?
Immediately. When I start with a book I want to read it out in one day.

Do you prefer thin, cheap books or one expensive thick book?
I prefer thick books. More fun, same characters. 

If you want to take this tag over, go ahead. Please contact me, I really want to read it!


  1. The Hunger Games vind ik ook echt een leuk boek! Helaas heb ik de laatste tijd ook niet zoveel tijd om boeken te lezen!

  2. Wat leuk om jouw antwoorden terug te lezen!

  3. i enjoyed watching hunger games but i prefer psychological books and political. maybe i am getting just old

  4. Haha neeee is niet eentonig :P! Ik vind het leeeuk <3
    ookal reageer ik niet altijd, ik lees ze altijd :D!

    Leuke vragen lijst! Ik lees echt nooit boeken! Ja op school wel omdat het moets hehe :P


  5. love it!