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 I never liked tea. Maybe because my mum always used to force me to drink it. But somehow I'm starting to like it.  Last week I was in a really cute shop The Tuinen (if you would translate it literally: The garden) Anyways I saw this really cute package and I thought:'Let's try some tea.'  
 By the way I'm really sorry about the photo issues. I've solved the problem (partially..)
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Like I said the package is really cute, I also like the lettertype. And it's also good to know that they only use highest-quality sources and strive to improve the welfare of the workers.   The bag doesn't have a string (that sounds so weird at every different level). But it drives in your water, so don't worry! 


The tea tastes well. It's a really basic taste, not really bitter or special. But I have read here that white tea is really good for your health, it works even better than green tea, which is more popular than white tea. 
 So if you're not a tea lover this would work for you. But for the tea lovers I think the taste is too 'normal.'

Clipper's white tea is inter alia here purchasable for £ 1.69


  1. Not sure if you've realised this yet but your images have disappeared :( It's probably a broken/moved link. Kind of a shame because I really wanted to see what teabags without string looked like.


    1. Ahw I'm so sorry about that! I've just fixed the problem. x

  2. All the images you've used are gone (delated) :(

  3. yummyuymmy! bedankt voor je lieve berichtje op m'n video :D
    ieeeh ik vind het heel leuk om te horen dat je de volgende video wilt zien! Geeft me zo veel energie om weer een nieuwe te maken haha :D De volgende word leuk denk ik! Ik had in iedergeval wel een leuk idee :P


  4. I love tea and I really want some of that now! :D:D

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  5. wat grappig zeg, heb nog nooit 'drijvende thee' gezien. i lvoe thea, dus als ik dit tegenkom ga ik het zeker even proberen!
    ps; doe je al mee met mijn giveaway?http://www.myjourneythroughstyle.blogspot.nl/

  6. Ik hou van thee! wahah vooral met dit koude weer XD en reply: ik zal zeker binnenkort een outfit post doen met mijn studded shoes! ;) ik volg je nu via BlogLovin! want ik zie geen GFC right? hope you will follow back ;) xx

  7. theee is lekker! ben erg benieuwd naar deze thee