Today a tag. I'm thinking about posting a tag every week or every two weeks. Just because it's nice to be better acquainted with people. I especially love the little, stupid facts about people.
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2. I want to speak, read, write, understand English, French and German way better.
I like to speak and write different languages but it's so difficult for me to learn it :s

3. I want to be good at school
I was good at school but however my brains stopped..

4. Photograph speak for themselves.

5. Doing something extremly dangerous.
I think that would be realy fun just because of the adrenalin.

6. Backpacking
Maybe with friends or maybe alone. It's like with some people you can't be 24/7 with so..

7. What four said.

8. Have a real shoe collection.
I know very original but I still miss some heels, dr.Martens, creepers and ankle boots. 

9. Go on a holiday with friends
That would be fun.. well I'm going to school camp next week so that's kinda similar.

10. Sport
I never sport. Only at school. But I can't find the perfect sport for me. And I want a better condition so..

You can take this tag over if you want on your blog or in your comment. I would love to read it so.. mail, twitter etc. me.

I've got this tag from Didi.
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  1. Love this :)


  2. hey cutie, just checked out your blog and i really like it!!! Maybe we follow each other!? Let me know :-) Many greetings from germany www.yuliekendra.com

  3. kiss in the rain <3 heb ik wel is gedaan :D


  4. I'm always working on my shoe collection. It's a slowly curated process!


  5. Nice tag! I want to Kiss in the rain too! hahaha